Boys Varsity Baseball · Pitchers, Welcome to the 2021 Baseball Season!

You have added a year of maturity and are no doubt a year stronger. If you are not, than that goes on you. You know how much we as a coaching staff believe in weight training and discipline. I also believe we have all learned to appreciate another opportunity to play and coach the game we LOVE after having it taken away from us last spring.

Our philosophy hasn’t changed from last year. (Work fast, change speeds and slice up the zone). However; from what I saw in the few practices we had last spring, your ability to throw strikes was unacceptable. So therefore, pounding the strike zone will become even a greater emphasis. If you can’t throw the ball over the plate 65% of the time you’ll have a tough time getting on the mound or winning games for that matter. We simply cannot beat ourselves with walks, errors or mental lapses.

By now you should have some knowledge of the type of mechanics we want performed. (Upperclassmen, it’s your job to get the freshman up to speed on our program’s expectations of discipline and information). 

Lastly the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performances. So I hope you are as excited as Coach D and I am to get started and have some fun. Let’s get to work and take pride in making sure you have perfect attendance at open gym pitching and regular season pitching practice! Your teammates are counting on you!

“This pitch! This moment!

Good luck,

Pitching Coach Mark Huston