1. Coaches and parents must adhere to the time restraints. Practices must end on time so that we can get the next team in promptly so that they can start their practice. 
  2. Because we have to social distance our players when practicing, we must leave one court open between the teams. Unfortunately, this means we are only able to utilize three of the six basketball courts at one time. As a result, some practices may by one hour in length (including a five/ten minute cleanup period).
  3. Players cannot enter the gymnasium for practice until their coach waves them into the gym. Therefore, parents should not drop their child off for practice early because they will not be allowed in the gym.
  4. We have to allow the team practicing prior to your child’s assigned practice time to completely exit the gymnasium in order to avoid contact with players from the incoming teams in an organized, timely fashion.
  5. After practice is finished, all players will wipe down basketballs with wipes provided by the school. Coaches will also disinfect the restroom by the entry door. This is the designated restroom for youth basketball players. They are not to use the main restroom by the concession stand.
  6. You need to regularly check the online schedule as changes will more than likely occur quite frequently this winter given COVID and weather.
  7. Practice schedules with assigned courts are posted on the school’s website.  (Look under ATHLETICS – MORE – ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT – PRACTICE SCHEDULES.)
  8. Youth players and coaches are to restrict themselves to the assigned court and that court only.
  9. Coaches must wear masks when entering and leaving the facility. Players must wear masks and social distance when not scrimmaging.
  10. When practicing on Court 16, players and coaches must exit through the exit door behind the basketball hoop standards.